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Van Groningen Nieuw-Vennep B.V.
Staringstraat 39
PO Box 38-2150 AA Nieuw-Vennep
The Netherlands
T +31 252-687041
F +31 252-675751
E info@vangroningenbv.nl


Van Groningen Nieuw-Vennep B.V. is certified for:

VCA ** (SCC)
SCC is the abbreviation of Safety, Health and Environmental Checklist Contractors. The two star certificate is meant for companies with more than 35 employees and for smaller companies that work as main contractors. This checklist is an objective and structural assessment of a company’s safety, health and environmental management systems. This assessment showed that Van Groningen Nieuw-Vennep B.V. complies with the stipulated requirements. Yearly checks will show if the organization is still meeting the requirements.
ISO 9001
ISO 9001 is a norm which demands certain requirements to the quality system used in an organization and the way the organization handles the quality system. The company needs to ensure customer satisfaction and meet the applicable legal requirements. Also, all processes within the company need to be registered in a handbook and these protocols need to be followed. After an audit, our organization has received a certificate that shows we meet the norm.
BRL SVMS-007 is the standard for professional demolition companies. This standard contains requirements for the preparation and execution of the demolition process, the removal of materials, the safety at the location, working environmentally-aware, the quality management system and the internal organization of the company. After an audit, our company had received this certificate.
MRF-Quality mark
The MRF-Quality mark is a practical and branch related quality system that has been exclusively developed for the MRF (Metal Recycling Federation) members. The care for safety and the environmentally friendly processing of Ferro and Non-Ferro is secured by this MRF-Quality mark.
After an audit by TüV, our organization has received a certificate showing we meet the standards.